Terri Watkins

Inducted: 2005

TERRI WATKINS (1954- ) doesn’t giggle the news, nor read the news. She reports it. She’s known for accuracy, integrity and dedication to her work; she has a love affair with facts. After graduation from the OU Journalism School, she worked for KAKS radio in Tulsa, then KNOR in Norman, KLUF in Lufkin, KOCY and KTOK in Oklahoma City. Her first TV job was with OETA. She joined KOCO-TV in 1982. She’s won many national honors including the Peabody Award twice for bringing respect to TV journalism. She hosted ABC’s Nightline during the Denver trial of Timothy McVeigh. She was the first woman in Oklahoma City Gridiron, and has been president of FOI, OK, and has been a member and officer of several national investigative organizations.