Chris Casteel

Inducted: 2019

Chris Clasteel

CHRIS CASTEEL (1959- ) began working for The Daily Oklahoman and The Oklahoma City Times in August 1982, while in school at the University of Oklahoma. He has guided Oklahomans through the corridors of power for decades. Chris began covering the state Capitol in 1985 for The Oklahoman after stints in metro and police reporting. Five years later, he moved to Washington, D.C., where he documented major political events for more than 25 years. That included 15 national political conventions, Supreme Court cases, White House events and the Anita Hill hearings on Capitol Hill. He also traveled back to Oklahoma City in 1995 with President Bill Clinton for a memorial service immediately after the bombing. He has earned awards for feature writing, spot news, investigative reporting and sports writing. In 2018, he was named news director for The Oklahoman. He is a member of the Washington Gridiron Club and past membership chairman of the National Press Club.