M. J. Alexander

Inducted: 2019

M.J. Alexander

(1961-) brought two decades of work as a photographer, reporter and editor with newspapers, magazines and The Associated Press when she moved to Oklahoma in 1998. In the years since, she has documented the people and places of her adopted home state for regional and national magazines, focusing on the overlooked and underestimated. She is author and illustrator of two fine-art books: Salt of the Red Earth: A Century of Wit and Wisdom from Oklahoma’s Elders, featuring interviews and portraits of 100 centenarians, and Portrait of a Generation: Sons and Daughters of the Red Earth, winner of an Oklahoma Book Award. Her photographs have been exhibited in more than 25 solo shows, from the Oklahoma City Museum of Art to a 2018 retrospective at London’s Crypt Gallery. She was the first Oklahoman featured in a solo exhibition in the Main Gallery of the International Photography Hall of Fame, which describes her as “combining the vision of an artist with the skills of a storyteller.”