Nomination Form

Honorees are selected each year by a Selection Committee comprised of hall of fame members, including its director, and distinguished leaders in journalism. The committee considers only those who have been nominated and uses specific criteria in making its selections.

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Each hall of fame class must reflect diversity overall, including print, broadcast, online, education, geographic, large and small media outlets, ethnicity and other factors. Because of the large number of nominations and diversity considerations, a nominee may not be selected for several years after initially being nominated. Multiple nominations of an individual may also be considered. An Executive Committee of hall of fame members may eliminate or continue nominations not selected after 10 years.

Nominations of outstanding journalists or journalism educators can only be submitted online by clicking on the link below. (Additional documents for consideration can be scanned and sent to Any supporting documents mailed to the Oklahoma Journalism Hall of Fame will not be returned.)

Oklahoma Journalism Hall of Fame Entry Nomination Form