Livestream the Oklahoma Journalism Hall of Fame’s 50th Anniversary Gala at 6 p.m. Friday, May 14. 

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Scholarships & Donors

Celebrating 50 Years of Excellence in Journalism

Through the generosity of the Oklahoma Press Association and the Brian Jay Walke Family, the Oklahoma Journalism Hall of Fame annually selects students to receive a one-time scholarship. The Brian Jay Walke Scholarship honors students to display excellence in journalism ethics, and the Oklahoma Press Association Award is given to those who show outstanding promise in journalism.

UCO Office of the President

Voice to the Voiceless

The University of Central Oklahoma is a proud contributor to the ethos of ethical and engaged citizenry in our country. Fulfilling our mission to educate students to recognize truth and learn to reason, we answer the call to step into the stream of freedom we so fervently exercise and defend. The university provides an environment in which students can learn about and harness the power of journalism to shape a more just society without interference from the government. This is a right and a responsibility we must nurture with great care.

Patti Neuhold-Ravikumar
President, University of Central Oklahoma

Excellence in Journalism Ethics

Brian Jay Walke Scholarship

Amanda Siew
2020 Brian Jay Walke Scholarship Scholarship Recipient

This scholarship is given in memory of award-winning Oklahoma journalist Brian Jay Walke. It was established in May 2011 by “members of his loving family … in deep appreciation for his outstanding journalism, dedication to the highest journalism ethics and selfless dedication to his family and community.”

Walke (1955-2010) was a journalist for KEBC-FM, KGOU-FM and KTOK-AM. He was a board member for FOI Oklahoma and served on the JayMac Board for the University of Oklahoma Gaylord College of Journalism.

Starting in 2021, because of the increased generosity of Brian Walke’s family, the scholarship will be given yearly to two outstanding students of high ethical standards.

2020 Scholar

Amanda Siew

Past Recipents

Emily Siddiqui – 2019
Shannon Iverson – 2018
Manuelle Arias – 2017
Addam Francisco – 2017
Griffin Ford – 2016
Alexander Fisher – 2015
Megan Mari – 2014
Ben Luschen – 2013
Sharon Burgess – 2012

Excellence for Outstanding Promise in Journalism

Oklahoma Press Association Award

Jacob Silva
2020 Oklahoma Press Association Award

The annual scholarship is provided annual through the generosity of the Oklahoma Press Association and its members.

It was established in 2013 and given to students based on nominations and who exhibit great promise in journalism.

2020 Award

Jacob Silva

Past Recipents

Michelle Pennza – 2019
Christian Tabak – 2018
Kateleigh Mills – 2017
Eriech Tapia – 2016
Queila Omena – 2015
Rachel Brockelhurst – 2014
Ben Luschen – 2013