the Lifetime Achievers

By Emily Siddiqui, Student Editor

Journalistic endeavors would not be effective without the support and leadership of fellow truth-seeking, world-changing individuals within the community. 

The Oklahoma Journalism Hall of Fame has extended its reach of recognition by deciding to grant up to two Lifetime Achievement Awards each year. The award honors outstanding individuals whom the Selection Committee deems worthy, even though they may not have been journalists themselves or spent their entire careers in journalism.  

“The Lifetime Achievement Award is given to individuals who have steadfastly emulated the values and principles of journalists through their work in the community or through leading initiatives that train or support journalists, future generations of journalists, or the Hall of Fame itself,” said Joe Hight, Oklahoma Journalism Hall of Fame Director. 

The first Lifetime Achievement Award was given in 1992 as a “Certificate of Merit” to Windsor Ridenour for his leadership in 28 years of service to journalism just before the Tulsa Tribune closed in September 1992. The Hall of Fame’s Executive Committee decided in 2019 to credit Ridenour with a Lifetime Achievement Award. 

The Lifetime Achievement Award was officially initiated in 2018 with the naming of Dr. Joe Foote as the recipient.