the snow/ice storm and the will to attend an induction ceremony

By Joe Hight, 2013 Inductee

Snow and ice were predicted in Colorado on April 17th, 2013. I told my wife, Nan, that we had to make it to my Oklahoma Journalism Hall of Fame induction by the next morning. 

Even with a four-wheel drive back Buick Enclave, a white-out had stopped us only three weeks before, just outside Pueblo. 

This time, we avoided the storm the best we could. We drove winding two-lane roads. But the inevitable occurred: It snowed. Ice fell. We stopped for gasoline at a convenience store. 

After I paid, a man I didn’t know asked me, “Is that your red SUV?”

“Yes,” I replied. 

“Well, it’s completely covered in ice.”

The Enclave was covered in ice. We pressed on. Snow and ice wouldn’t stop us from attending the induction luncheon. 

I doubt snow and ice would stop any journalist from being inducted into the Hall of Fame.